10 Must-Have Car Accessories In 2021

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As most of us spend a significant portion of our day commuting in our cars, it is definitely something we’d like to personalize and feel comfortable in.

There may have been instances where you would have felt the need to have a quick fix for your tire puncture or a solution for the stinging ray of sun coming from the window.  To help you find the best and most useful accessories, here are some of the essentials picked by us that are a must-have in 2021. 

A Hanging Diffuser

All else aside, by far the very first that should be on your bucket list for must-have car accessories is a hanging diffuser.

Just like you wouldn’t want to go out without wearing some sort of deodorant, driving your car around with no air freshener is a no-go. A hanging air diffuser can elevate the ambiance of a car by replacing the bad odor with refreshing and reinvigorating aromas that will give you the feel of a brand-new vehicle. 

First Aid Kit 

A basic first kit is another mindful addition to the list of car accessories. Injuries can happen at any point in time and in a long journey, it can be especially prudent to carry some bandages and medicines. Even if you’re not packing for a long intercity journey, it is advisable to carry a basic first aid kit. 

Air Purifier 

Another important accessory that can improve the ambiance of your car is an air purifier. The rising levels of pollution have made air purifiers a necessity in all homes today and as more and more health problems arise from such low air quality people are starting to become conscious of the fact that an air purifier is a must-have. 

Mobile Holder

Answering a call in the middle of a busy road is never advisable, to begin with, but what’s even more unsafe is not having both of your hands on the wheel. A mobile holder can assist in performing numerous tasks with devices that you couldn’t have previously done without jeopardizing your safety such as using the sat nav, hands-free phone calls, and playing some music. 

Car Cover

No matter where your car is parked, if it is standing long in disuse, you can be sure to expect some changes in its appearance. In an open environment, your car’s paintwork is subject to numerous corrosive substances such as blight and rust.

It can easily peel off the showroom shine and even eat through the clear coat of your car. Using a car cover can protect your vehicle against all such contaminants and help to protect its shine if you plan to not use it for a longer period of time. 

A Leak Proof Trash Can 

A trash can inside the car seems like a necessary addition you need to have when traveling. 

Not enough people have adopted such a measure and continue to dirty the roads whenever they feel like it. Without a proper place to put the trash in, one would either dirty the car or the environment.

To throw trash in a responsible way and without making a mess with liquids it would be a noble idea to invest in a leak-proof trash can.  

Stick On Shade 

There are times, especially in the middle of a sultry sunny day when even the cool air from the AC feels just not good enough.

The parching heat of summer not only creates heat and humidity but the stinging rays coming directly through the sunburn their way into your skin. 

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Stick-on shades might not be the most aesthetically appealing item of accessories you could buy; they are certainly a lifesaver when it comes to protecting you from UV rays and other harmful impacts of direct sunlight. 

Puncture Repair Kit 

Tyre punctures are another one of the scenario you cannot predict. A tire puncture is quite common and actually fairly easy to get repaired. A puncture repair kit is a must-have accessory in the back of your trunk because it can help you quickly get back on the road whenever you find yourself in that situation. 

Additionally, you might want to consider a tire inflator too. Keeping the tires inflated in the right in the permissible limit can help you extract better performance and life from your tires. 

Blind Spot Mirror

The rearview mirrors alone do not quite have the capacity to provide you with a full vision of the surroundings. When driving on a jam-packed road or making those close cornering maneuvers, a blind spot mirror can give the much-needed edge in view that can make steering much easier and safer. 

Water Resistant Seat Cover and Floor Mats

If you have a pet or a baby or a tendency to easily spill liquids, investing in either a small dry-cleaning kit or a water-resistant seat cover can be a life-saving investment – the latter is much cheaper. Smelly and grubby seats are way too common for you to ignore this addition to your bucket list.

Even without the babies or pets riding with you, the chance of liquids or food items spoiling your seats is quite high. And if you don’t wish to have your vehicle dry cleaned, again and again, you can choose to put seat covers on whenever the car turns into a lunch table.

Honorable Mentions

Jumper Cables

At one point or another, it is inevitable that you will need to jump-start your car. It is an unpredictable situation that you can find yourself in, either stranded on the road without any resolve or at least having the option to get help using a set of jumper cables.  

As you can’t always count on the other driver to carry jumper cables with them it is extremely important for you to have this accessory in your tool kit especially when your car battery is nearing the end of its service run.

Besides, there are other potential causes that can drain your car battery unbeknownst to you such as mistakenly leaving the interior lights on, having a parasitic drain, or not driving for long distances. 

OBD II Scanner 

An OBD II Scanner might not seem like a necessary investment at first but if you’re any bit a serious car enthusiast who loves to take care of their car by themself and prudently, this item on the list is a must-buy for you. Using an OBD II scanner can help you find faults with your vehicle almost instantly and with precision. 

For what would’ve needed you to take the car to the mechanic, having it diagnosed and repaired, can now with a diagnostic scanner be done largely by yourself. For example, if you observe your vehicle misfiring,

you could simply connect the scanner to read the trouble codes which would tell exactly in which cylinder the misfire is taking place. Here you can try simple things as swapping the plugs or ignition coil to see where the failure is and subsequently also take to replacing the parts yourself.  

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