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We can say that the mileage of the car is a very important factor to consider. A car that Saves more Fuel and has higher gas mileage as claimed by the car company makes it pocket-friendly.

Fuel prices have gone so high in recent times, Price of Diesel, as well as the price of petrol, have touched the figure of 100 per liter.

So, Let’s start with tips to Save Fuel and reduce the running cost of our car.

Choose Wisely

You should choose a car according to your need and assumption about the total average running of the car in a month or a year. This will help you to choose whether you should buy a Petrol Engine Car or Diesel Engine Car.

Diesel Engine Car is costly as we compare it to Petrol Engine Car’s ON-Road price but Diesel Cars provide better mileage than petrol cars that makes them overall cheap when it comes to the long-term running cost of the car. Prices of diesel are also lower than Petrol prices and also Diesel cars give better mileage so we can say that a Petrol Car Save less Fuel than Diesel Engine Car.

Tips – Buy a Diesel engine car if the running of your car is over 15,000 km in a year. Diesel is cheaper than petrol and also Saves more Fuel overall by giving more mileage.

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Power of the car in terms of CC

If you know how to drive smoothly you can SaveΒ Fuel on every car. It doesn’t matter if the Mileage of the cars is already lower as claimed by the car company. If you want to Save Fuel then follow a few basic rules which we are talking about you can still Save Fuel and increase the mileage of your car.

Tips- Prefer buying high mileage cars and a Small engine car as more CC Ultimately means heavy Engine that will consume more fuel.

Cashback Offers!

There are many banks that offer cashback options on Petrol Pumps. Well, they do charge some amount like 500 per year but overall it can save you a lot of money if you use them at the time of payments for the fuel.

If you buy more fuel with the money you save will ultimately reduce the cost of fuel.

HDFC Bank Credit Card when used at any IndianOil petrol pump you can avail 5% Cashback.

Cost of Running

The running cost of a car should be lower if you have a limited source of income.

Running cost of a car includes-

Maintenance Cost + Fuel Cost + Insurance + Tires.

If you drive efficiently and smoothly you can reduce the overall running cost of the car.

Tips- Saving Fuel should be your priority helping in all factors that decrease the running cost of the car.

Save Fuel by Driving Smart

Driving consciously and safely will always help in maintaining the mileage of a car and Save Fuel. Avoiding unnecessary fast pickups and jackrabbit stops will always help in saving fuel.

Tips – Easy and Safe driving will help in Saving Fuel and driving safety.

Long Idling With A/C ON

When you stop somewhere for some time at red lights or somewhere in traffic, Most fuel consumption happens at that time when you stop with your engine and A/C ON.

  1. Tips- If you are idling because of red light make sure you turn off your engine If it’s more than 30 Sec.
  2. Park your Car in Shade if you stop or wait for someone This will reduce the extra efforts made by the car which consumes lots of fuel for keeping the car’s temperature cool.

Stop When You Can – Today we drive advanced cars with better engines that are good at Saving Fuel and have mileage even more than 27Kmpl which is huge as compared to cars earlier.

Keep RPM Low

Higher RPM means higher fuel consumption and Lower RPM helps in Saving Fuel providing a safe feeling to every passenger in the car.

Tips- Remember you can only create a very little difference in time if you drive fast keeping your speed and RPM high. But you can’t save more than 5 Min as per the traffic on the roads these days. Keep it Low to Save Fuel.

Mileage indicator

Cars are equipped with an advanced odometer that can tell the mileage of the car, trip range, and more. I always prefer to keep the settings that display present mileage If you keep that in mind you will Save Fuel for sure.

Tips- Keep the odometer set on the β€œInstant Fuel Economy” Mode which tells the current mileage of the running car.

Tire Pressure

Keeping your tire pressure perfect is not only a safety measure but also helps in Saving Fuel as the right amount of tire pressure will reduce the friction with the road.

Tips- Tire pressure check is free on every petrol pump, but it does not mean it’s useless. Make Use of It every time you can.

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Race Peddle Control

If you keep a soft foot on the peddle you will always Save lots of Fuel. When we use a hard foot car consumes the maximum amount of fuel that needs to generate the power we want.

Tips – After attaining a speed of 70-80 try losing your foot maintaining the race paddle at the fixed position where the acceleration is almost zero.

Pre-Judged Driving

If you have good road reading skills you will always drive safer. Adding to that you can Save more Fuel than anyone else. You can avoid unnecessarily breaking. Never speed up your car if you know you have to stop at a red light.

Tips- Remove your feet from the race peddle a few seconds earlier when you know you have to stop.

Avoid Unnecessary Weight

Remove every extra weight from your car trunk which will reduce the weight of the car and help in Saving Fuel as the power generated by the car will be less for less weight.

Tips- Always check for any unnecessary heavy item which won’t be needed during your road trip.

Premium Fuels

Only go for premium fuels if the car company suggests you to. Otherwise, you are just increasing the cost of fuel and increasing the overall running cost of your car. Well, it’s a myth that premium fuel will help you save more fuel and increase the mileage of your car It’s False.

Tips- Buy Normal Fuel, Premium fuel burns more and adds more price and Same less Fuel.

Cruise Control

Using cruise control on the highway will provide a smooth ride with a little bit of constant acceleration. Ultimately it will add to your mileage and save you a lot of fuel.


Drive smoothly, keep your RPM low, Use Instant Mileage Indicator, Cruise Control on the highway, Soft feet on race paddle, Keep your tire pressure as suggested. We promise you will save at least 20-30 % more fuel by increasing your car’s Mileage.

Drive Safe. Thank You!

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