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Three point seat belt Vs Two point seat belt
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Did you ever feel the difference between a car seat belt and the seat belt of an airplane? What’s the basic difference between them? The seatbelt of a car is across the shoulder as well as your lap but the seatbelt of an airplane is only across your lap. But why is it so? We have the answers to all your questions.

The seat belt of your car, or more specifically known as a three-point seat belt, is a Y-shaped belt, moving across the shoulder and lap. It is a combination of lap and sash belts. A three-point seat belt was first invented by Nils Bohlin. After the invention, it was patented by VOLVO and made available to car manufacturers as a safety feature for free.

Meanwhile, the seat belt of an airplane, commonly known as a two-point seat belt, attaches itself to the two endpoints with a mounting position on both ends. It was first used by Benjamin Foulois.

Difference between a three-point and two-point seat belt

It is commonly known as a lap and seat belt. It is commonly known as a lap belt.
It is used in the new models of a car. It was used earlier in the cars.
It is fitted across the shoulder and lap. It is fitted at the lower waist.
In a collision, it spreads out the energy of the body over the chest, shoulder, and pelvis. In case of a jerk, the passenger remains seated but there might be a sudden movement in the upper body.
It is a mandatory safety feature in the car. It is not used in modern cars.
It is more expensive than a two-point seat belt. It is cheaper than a three-point seat belt.


Which is Safer?

A three-point seat belt is much safer as compared to a two-point seat belt. A two-point seat belt is likely to be used in airplanes since in airplane crashes the safety of the passengers has no relation to a seat belt.

In an airplane, a seat belt only saves the passenger from jerking while taking off or landing. Whereas, for a car, a three-point seat belt is necessary as it saves the passenger’s life during an accident or crash.

The government of India has made it mandatory for all car manufacturers to equip cars with a three-point seat belt for all the passengers including the middle position. Conventionally, the middle seat was equipped with a two-point seat belt.

Since many types of research show that a three-point seat belt is much safer in accidents, their usage is mandated for middle passengers too.

So before buying a car make sure to check the type of belt the specific model is equipped with and choose your dreamers wisely.

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