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It’s very difficult to take your car to a mechanic for every little problem. Today, we will know how to avoid repeatedly going to the mechanic for care maintenance and Car care that should be done on a regular basis and things we car do at home to avoid unexpected expenses.

As some parts need regular cleaning and replacement at regular intervals of time. Most of the problems can be avoided if you make sure to follow car care tips and maintenance ways that should be followed. We will be talking about all the basic car care and maintenance that can be done at home itself.

Car care is very simple if we have just a little time for car maintenance.

Important Points for Car Care at Home

Let’s find out how much you already know and at the end what you learned from this article.

Car Washing

Daily, our car faces lots of contaminants like dust, smoke, chemicals, and sunlight. All these cause damages that are negligible but can be noticed for a longer period. To avoid that we should get car washing and regular cleaning of the car’s external body and internal body.

Urban Company is good at Car Washing at Home as they are fully equipped with all the tools they need for Car cleaning.

External Car Washing

  • Harsh environmental conditions damage the paintwork of our car. Different contaminating factors cause Discoloration and Corrosion which destroys the good looks of a car. For car care, car washing is very important for a shiny and clean car.
  • Car washing can be done at home and also we can visitΒ  nearby car washing centers for a better cleaning. Car washing pump is very helpful in deep cleaning.

Internal Car Cleaning

  • For Clean, Fresh and hygienic cars from inside it is very important that we take good care of the car from inside. Making sure there is no leftover food, Dirty floor, no dust on the dashboard.
  • Car washing includes vacuum Cleaning for best cleaning.
  • Also, the AC filter inside the glove box is clean and is in good condition.
  • 3M Provides the best cleaning tools and products.

All Fluids in the Car

  • All the components of a car are necessary, we can’t ignore any. Regularly check all fluids and make sure to renew them, also check for top-up requirements.
  • Fluids keep our car running. Different types of fluids used in the car with their use and important points in respect of car care.

Engine Oil

  • The Oil present in the engine should be checked regularly, it can be easily done at home, just follow some simple steps.
  • Engine Oil plays a very important role as listed below-

i) Lubricate the parts.

ii) Keeping the engine

iii) Protection against corrosion due to dust.

iv) Sealing

To know, Some of the best Engine oil in IndiaΒ 

Coolant Check-up

  • Coolant helps in preventing the overheating problem in cars and is stored in two different storage tanks.Β  One There is a cap that has a caution mark on it with a warning to not open if the car is running or if there is heat. The second is in a transparent hard plastic bottle.
  • This is an easy task that can be performed at home which is an important point for car care.

Break oil

  • Break oil is used in cars with hydraulic braking systems to create the pressure required to stop the vehicle.
  • Make sure oil is visible and there is enough oil in it.

Washer Fluid

  • Make sure to clean your windshield special if you are driving at night. Dirty Windshield spreads the light coming from other vehicles.
  • Add simple water to it. I add a little amount of Colin Glass cleaner to it for better cleaning.

Air Filters

  • Due to high pollutants in the air that reaches the engine and inside the car should be filtered. The air used by the car engine should be pure, clean, and dust-free, Otherwise, it can cause serious issues in the car.
  • It is easy and a mandatory thing to do if we talk about car care which is to clean all the filters in the car with the help of high-pressure air, and tap it against something hard.
  • Filters that need to be clean are-

i) Air filter

ii) AC filter/ Cabin Filter

Cleaning Battery Terminals

Battery maintenance also comes under-car care which should be checked due to permanent oxidation reactions happening at the terminals of the battery they become rusty.

Materials that are easily available at home and should be used in cleaning the car battery terminals.

  • Use Protective Gloves
  • Baking Soda is also available at home
  • Water
  • Clean it using a toothbrush
  • Rag
  • Petroleum jelly

Tires Health and Care

  • It’s so important to keep the tire pressure in check. Tire pressure is directly related to the steering and the driving experience. Every time we go to the fuel pump station make sure to get the tire pressure checked.
  • You should get your Tires changed as per the kilometer limit. Mostly you should get your car tires changed after every 40,000-50,000.
  • Tire pressure should be as told by the Car Brand or it always mentioned at the air pressure machine.
  • Never ignore regular Wheel alignment and Balancing as we discussed earlier in our blog about How to check the Wheel alignment of a car.


  • Never compromise with low lights in your car. Better, New, and High voltage Lights increase visibility means better road safety and makes you confident in driving even at night and in dark places where there are no street lights.
  • Use the best and high voltage headlights and that can be done from any nearby accessories shop which deals with car accessories.
  • Indicator Lights are also important as they ensure road safety make sure they work properly.


  • Keeping your car maintained is easy at home as these are normal car care techniques that we should keep in mind and carry out regularly. From Car washing to Fluid top-ups and cleaning air filters to tire pressure.
  • Keeping the lights in check with the best and high voltage headlights.
  • Make sure your car is in good health considering the winters that are going to hit hard.

You can always visit VehicleCare for major problems, best car care, Car washing, and Dry Cleaning, or any issues related to cars. We will help you with car care and maintenance of your car.

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