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The evolution of vehicles is taking place at a very fast rate. We can only imagine what it will be like in the future for cars and the car service centres.

Now we notice Cars with better designs, better engines, new features, the latest safety features, Electric Vehicles, AD and ADAS. Many newer innovative changes are coming soon which will change the whole concept of cars and the driving experience.

The auto Industry involves customers, dealers, manufacturers, and Car Service agencies such as ours, VehicleCare. Any change in one aspect of the business causes every other to change accordingly. Newly hi-tech Cars do need Hi-tech Car service Centres for car service and repairs.

So, today we are going to know a few of these changes which will make the car service centre experience better than ever. Also, the necessary changes that need to be done in a car service centre to cope- with the new features introduced with time.

Types of Car Service Stations

There are different types of car service centres: Authorized service centres and unauthorized service centres, which are our local mechanic shops, and then come our multi-brand car service centres which are where VehicleCare comes into play.

Multi-brand car service centres help you not only in saving but are equipped with the best mechanics and genuine spare parts and all the latest technology machines required to keep your cars in check. Multi-brand car service stations are more trusted and work according to their customers for the better.

New Features in Cars

Over time in Technology, we need to work in Multi-Brand Service centres.

  • ABS (anti-lock braking system)
  • Airbags
  • EPSΒ (Electric Power Steering)
  • Infotainment
  • Camera views and sensors
  • Navigation
  • Upgrade Car Sensors
  • Daytime Running Lights
  • Electric vehicles
  • Self-Driven Cars
  • Hydraulics
  • Cruise Control
  • ADAS (Advanced driver-assistance systems)
  • AD (Autonomous Driving)

These new changes and innovations keep it very challenging for the poor mechanics for which they need to stay updated. In future, they need to develop new skills.

Future of Car Service Centres

It’s easy to recognize the difference in the car and as well as the car service centres around us but let’s see what more there is to change.

This one thing is for sure the skills and working ways of the mechanics are also changing as per the requirement. There are many new features introduced day by day that

the mechanics must evolve to with that comes our car service stations which need to be equipped with the required machinery and best mechanics to meet all the things that a car owner needs after he buys a car.

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Bigger Better Car Service Station

There are almost 12 million registered cars within Delhi itself according to the data provided by Statista.

So, to fulfil the need for car service and repairs in the future, we are going to need more car service centres and that are bigger and better which can work faster and more efficiently.

Car service stations are working so hard and with more manpower than ever.

Car Scanning

Let’s not just trust our instincts about the driving experience we are having and take a judgemental report produced by the machines which can scan the functioning of your car overall including engine,

breaks the hydraulics and wheels balancing and alignment everything which we should know is working perfectly for the long or short drives.

In the future, we will see car scanning Machines at every car service centre for sure as car scanning machines can diagnose problems and quality of service for the satisfaction of the customer.

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are a new revolution in the auto industry invented to Save the Environment as it cause zero pollution and help conserve limited fossil resources. With the lowest running cost, EVs have gained a lot of popularity these days.

But it’s again a challenge for the mechanic to learn to develop new skills required for the service and maintenance of these cars that run on electricity and different engine working and Maintenance.

Different tools and Machines are required for any repairs and maintenance to be done in the EV but with the increase in the number of Electric Vehicles new upgrades are done by Car Service Centres.

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Upgraded Car Sensors

For a car to be advanced and hi-tech it needs lots of sensors with the same function which is to monitor the working of a specific component and help in engine diagnosing. Sensors also help in regulating the functioning of a part.

Well, in this case, our car mechanics working in the car service centres have an upper hand and save a lot of time as the sensors make indications if there is something wrong, helping in saving time and identifying the problem easily. Different types of sensors that are being installed, and failure of one could leave you in trouble.

Availability of Different sensors for different cars and models too. It’s a very tough job to keep in check the availability of the sensors at the workshop itself. Multi-brand car service stations work on so many different cars.

Customer-oriented service Centres

With the increase in the number of cars, the demand for car service centres has been noticed to increase over time, due to which there has been an increase in competition in the overall auto industry.

To stay at the top Car Service Stations are changing according to the needs of the customers which includes lower pricing, the best quality of service provided, increased comfortability,

fast, easy, and reliable service, facilities like waiting areas with entertainment and AC, a few places might also provide you snacks and refreshments.

Free Car Pickup and Drop Services have made our lives easy. VehicleCare Provides you with a free Pick Up and Delivery with a live Service tracking facility in which you can know about the status of your car service as well as much additional information to keep you updated.

Safety check-ups at Car Service Centres

Car Service Centres make sure that your car is safe and all safety features like ABS with EBD, Side and curtain airbags, Blind spot warning, and other little problems which can be dangerous if ignored.

ABS with EBD

One of the most reliable Safety Features is ABS (Anti Braking System) it is a type of Active braking system which prevents our vehicles from skidding on the road due to which we lose control over the vehicle. ABS works when we suddenly apply breaks in any case.

ABS repairing is a tough job but normally we get it replaced if there is any problem in ABS which makes it easy when we visit the car service centre.

Its Mandatory for cars and bikes to have ABS.

Air Bags

Yes, it’s very unlucky for a driver who might face a situation in which the Air Bags open. Still, it’s one of the best life-saving features which is also made compulsory in cars.

Side and curtain airbags provide extra protection to passengers in the back seat in case of major accidents from the side pillars and when something happens the car sideways.

Airbags can only be used once and if done will have to be replaced.

Making it easier for the car mechanic and service centres.


Thinking about the future of car service centres we can say that we are going to see a huge change in the way car service centre operate and work. Service centres will be equipped with better tools and futuristic machines which will make the process fast and more reliable.

Every business is growing according to the needs of customers and as per the car service centres there are already huge changes we have seen, and many more are still to be seen in India.

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