How to Remove Scratches From Car at Home

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A scar on the moon is appreciated but a scratch on a car is not. Car accidents, intentional damage, poor parking, improper washing & drying techniques, and other mishappenings can cause scratches in a car and blemish the overall appearance of your beautiful car. So it becomes significantly important to remove scratches from cars to have a clean and glossy look. Today, we are going to share with you, 3 methods that you can use to fix car scratches.

Method 1: Toothpaste to Remove Scratches on Car

First of all, use your fingernail to determine whether the car scratch is deep down or over the surface only. Run your fingernail across the scratch. If your nail does not catch on the scratch and glides across then the scratch on your car is a minor surface scratch only and can be removed using this simple trick.

Step 1: Wash the scratched area with a sponge or car washing brush and dry it properly using a dry towel or cloth. Make sure there are no dirt particles or debris left on the surface.Β 

Step 2: When the surface is completely dry, apply a quarter-sized amount of toothpaste to it using a soft dry microfiber cloth. Push down on the microfiber cloth and rub the scratched surface in a gentle circular motion.Β 

Step 3: Once the toothpaste is well distributed on the surface, rinse it off with water or by using a wet microfiber cloth. The scratch must have gone till now. If not, then repeat the process 1 or 2 times more.

If still the scratch does not go away then don’t worry. We have other techniques to remove car scratches following up, and by the end of this article, your car will have a smooth and glossy scratch-free surface.Β 

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Method 2: Removing Scratches From Car Using a Scratch Removal Product

For this method, you will need a scratch removal product. You can buy one online or from your nearby automotive stores. Before buying any, we would suggest you do some research on the internet and find the best car scratch remover for your car. Once you have it, you can start with the procedure.

Step 1: Again, start by washing and drying off the scratched area as we did before.Β 

Step: 2: Apply a dollop of car scratch remover to the scratched surface of your car using a buffing pad or microfiber cloth. Take the amount depending on the size of the scratched area.

Step 3:Β  Rub the surface gently with the buffing pad or microfiber cloth in a circular motion or a unidirectional linear motion.Β 

Step 4: Once you finish applying the product, wipe away the excess of it on the surface, using a clean and dry microfiber cloth. Make sure not to let any excess product dry on the surface of your car.

Repeat the process one or two times more, if required. Move on to the next method to remove scratches from your car, if this method doesn’t work too.

Method 3: How to Remove Deep Scratches From Car

If your car has a deep scratch then the best and the most effective way to removeΒ car scratches is by painting.Β 

Step 1: Begin with washing and drying the scratched surface as we did in the above two methods.Β 

Step 2: Strip off the top paint layer of the scratched area using 2000-grit sandpaper. While sanding, make sure to keep the motion in the direction of the scratch. Rinse off the area with water and check if more sanding is required.

Step 3: Spray sandable primer to the sanded area in a back and forth motion. Wait 10 minutes for the primer to dry and spray on another layer. In this way, spray a total of 3 layers onto the surface.

Quick tip: While choosing the primer, try to pick one that matches the colour of your car.

Apply a few coats of paint matching your car. You can look up the manufacturer’s specs of your car to find the colour code that matches your car’s paint. The time interval between each application should be at least 10 minutes so that the paint could dry off properly.

Step 5: Finish the process by polishing the painted surface with wax. Polishing the surface seals the repaired paint and also gives a shiny look to your car. The application procedure is simple. You just need a high-quality wax compound, put a dollop of it on a buffing pad or microfiber cloth, and apply it to the surface in a circular motion.

That’s it! That ugly scar on the beauty of your car is gone now.

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So this was our complete guide on how to remove scratches from car. Whether it is a light scratch over the surface only or a deeper one, you now know how to fix it. Let us know through the comment section which one of the above methods worked for you. Moreover, if you know somebody who is struggling with car scratches, do share this blog with them.

Thank you!

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