How To Clean Car AC Vents At Home- Remove Bad Odour From Your Car

car ac vents
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Your car’s AC vents are narrow spaces in the car AC compartment with a cozy temperature and snug space making them a perfect home for bugs and contaminants to start a life in.

Cleaning the AC ducts routinely is an important part of car maintenance as they serve a crucial role in the functioning of your air conditioner. These ducts channel hot air out from the cabin, acting as a ventilation system and also ensuring the cool air coming from the system is fresh and clean.

Benefits Of Cleaning AC Vents

Before we dive into the methods of cleaning your car AC vents let’s look at some of the ways it may be a good idea and even pay to do so-

Improves Cabin Atmosphere

As a static component in the air conditioning system, the duct’s only job is to circulate air to and fro in a car. This allows them to accumulate dust and dirt. Cleaning the AC vent of your car thoroughly will not only help you attain better cooling but also promote a much more clean and hygienic atmosphere inside the car.Β Β 

Prevents Growth Of Bacteria

In addition to dust and grime, the air vents also attract certain harmful substances, contaminants, and bacteria. The AC vents may contain pollens, mold, mildew, spores, and other bacteria that can lead to many health problems,

outside of the adverse effects it can have on an allergic person. Cleaning AC ducts thoroughly in times like these can especially be salutary as airborne particles migrating from other countries are of huge concern.Β 

Removes Bad Odor

Your car AC has a smell of its own. When turned on the AC suffuses the air inside with a scent that is not particularly fragrant but has a distinctly cool connotation. If your car AC is beginning to fail or has a clogged duct, the odors it will emit will not be pleasant.

With an accumulation of dust and dirt of months, it can produce a sharp musty smell and even lead to the AC blowing hot air. To avoid this unpleasant situation, you can clean the air ducts regularly and prevent the growth of smelly bacteria.

Improves Airflow

It should come as no surprise that a heavy build-up of dirt and grime will fetter the proper flow of air inside the air conditioning system. It is for this reason that you need to get an AC service along with your regularly scheduled car service.

However, many other factors may ramp up or even cause you to clog your car AC. Such factors may include debris coming in from the front, too frequently lowered windows, a windy day, etc. Making sure that the AC system is unclogged and unfettered can help you greatly in obtaining the best performance and cooling out of your AC.

Here Are The 3 Easy Ways To Clean AC Vents At Home

Mold Growth Prevention Method

Items required- None

Brush Off Dust-Β Do not let any kind of dust accumulate on the vent. Brush the exterior of the vent with a soft brush or even cloth every time you use the AC.

Turn The Blower On Without The Air Conditioner- As a rule of thumb, you should clear AC vents by using this method every two or three months.Β 

Turn the blower to the max without switching the AC system on. This will help the vents get rid of any stuck debris and prevent mold growth.

Paintbrush Method-

Ingredients- Tepid Water, Vinegar, And Lemon.

To perform basic cleaning of the AC vents from the insides, you can choose to use any type of soft brush like a foam brush or even a makeup brush.Β 

Prepare The Homemade Solution-Β Gather the ingredients and simply mix all of them to make the solution.

Rubbing And Rinsing-Β Soak the brush in the solution wring it, and apply the brush gently inside the ducts to wipe the dirt.

Finish off with a thorough wipe using a dry brush

Once cleaning is complete you can wash the soap off the brush and store it in a ziplock for future use.Β 

Disinfection Of AC Vents-

Items Required- A New Air Filter, Anti-Bacterial Spray

Replacing Cabin Filter- Though most vehicles today have an easily detachable AC vent that can be removed from the inside, If you’re not able to find your way around it, you can use the owner’s manual to remove the filter.

Generally, you would be able to remove the air filter by lowering the glove box and unfastening the clips of the air filters.Β 

Pull out the old filter and replace it with the new one. Typically you need to do this every 25000 km or so for the best cooling from your AC.

Spray Disinfectant Agent- Brush off any dust present on the outside of the ducts and spray the disinfectant inside the vents to prevent any mold or bacteria growth.

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