The Top 7 Signs That Your Car Needs Service

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Just as we take care of our bodies and make efforts to keep them clean and healthy for a longer life, our car needs service also needs good maintenance to keep them clean and in good condition for a longer life.

There should be regular car servicing to maintain the quality and quantity of the life of a car. Every car manufacturer sets periodic intervals at which the car is serviced for better care service.

Sometimes our car starts making weird sounds, brakes don’t work, or smoke appears from below the bonnet, so to avoid such things, there are the Top 7 Warning Signs that a Car Needs to be Service by a Good Mechanic

1. Brakes:


Nowadays, cars have an automatic braking system, anti-lock braking for smooth and systematic operation, and collision avoidance systems.

Brake fluid, brake pads, and rotors are wear-and-tear items, and they need proper servicing and maintenance. So, if you start facing problems with brakes, such as transmitted vibration while braking or screech sounds,

it indicates that something is wrong with that and needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Sometimes the brake becomes soft, spongy, and unresponsive and does not work, so these are the problems that should not be ignored, and for this servicing, you can visit our shop.

2. Weird noises and sounds:

Any kind of weird noise or sound that comes from a car should raise a red flag in the driver’s mind. The most important question arises when the sounds come,

what they sound like, and from where they are coming. If the engine is overheated, it might emit a hissing sound from below the bonnet. Screech brakes may indicate that there is a problem with brake pads.

Grinding noises indicate the sound of two car parts rubbing against each other because of friction. There can be problems with one or two of the parts. So any kind of weird sound from the car service indicates that your car needs servicing very soon.

3. Dripping liquid or fluid:

engine oil

especially in the summer season, water leaks from leakage in the exhaust, especially in the winter season. It is a normal problem and can be fixed easily.

If coloured fluid drips from the car, it is a serious issue that needs attention and immediate rectification. Especially if it is brown, it could be anything from power steering fluid to oil to brake fluid.

In such cases, without seeing what the fluid is or where it is dripping out, the car must be given for servicing immediately so that an expert can properly check and fix it.

4. Emissions of smoke and fumes:

It is necessary to check where the smoke or fumes are coming from, what colour they are, and whether they come regularly or at a particular time.

It is a sign that the car needs servicing. Worn-out engine oil seals, worn valve seals, and head gasket failure can cause smoke or fumes. Sometimes smoke can also be caused by overheating the car, or it can be due to an issue with the radiator.

It is better to fix it on time than to allow it to create more significant issues for the car needs service. While travelling on the road, if smoke or fumes emanating from the car, rather than staying calm, go to the nearest car servicing centre. Β 

5. Strange Vibration:


Another sign a car may give that needs servicing is strange vibrations or juddering of the car. The vibration can be felt at a particular time or throughout the journey.

The vibration can be felt through the car’s entire body or only at the steering wheel. There are various reasons why a vehicle suddenly starts vibrating or juddering, such as a defect with the pressure plate,

worn-out friction material, an oil leak, a tyre on the verge of going flat, failing universal joints, etc. In this case, the car should be given for servicing as soon as possible so that an expert can find out what is wrong with it and fix it.

6. Engine Warning Light:


If there are warning lights on the dashboard, they should not be ignored. There are various warning lights that indicate a number of different problems,

such as battery issues, lamp outs, security alerts, oil pressure warnings, reduced power warnings, and many more. However, the warning light you should never ignore is the engine light. Failure may result in breakdowns and expensive repairs.

7. Decrease in Power:

If your vehicle is struggling to reach its full speed potential and a sudden increase in power or a full tank of gasoline doesn’t take you as far as you want to go, your car needs service

then it indicates that you should get your car checked over. Incorrect tyre pressure can also cause a decrease in power, but if you have a high-quality tyre pressure gauge, it can be avoided.

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