Kia Carnival- Best SUV Car In 2023- Check Features

KIA Carnival
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The 2023 KIA Carnival, also known as KIA Sedona, is now unused in favour of the carnival. The price of the KIA carnival starts at Rs 25.48 lakh and goes up to Rs 35.48 lakh. With its advanced safety features,

spacious interior, modern and attractive design, and comfortable ride, the Carnival has earned its place as a choice for families searching for a vehicle that accommodates their daily needs.

8 Things You Should Know About the KIA Carnival

1. Design and style

KIA Carnival front fascia that features a bold KIA signature grille and a sleek LED headlight that provides excellent visibility at night. The KIA Carnival is longer than the Toyota Vellfire, and the van’s body style is visible from its profile.

The 18-inch chrome wheels, the slight kink at the C-pillar, and the floating-roof effect add flash to the sides. The lower trims get dual-tone alloys.

2. Kia Carnival Interior space and comfort

kia carnival white

One of the outstanding features of the KIA Carnival is its impressive interior space, which has three rows of seats and comfortably accommodates up to eight passengers.

The flexible seating arrangements make it easy to adapt the carnival to suit your specific needs. The third-row seats may be folded down to provide a flat loading floor for more cargo room, and the second-row seats can be moved forward or backward.

The comfort of the driver and passengers is a priority in the design of the Carnival’s cabin. A premium sense is enhanced by soft-touch surfaces, premium materials, and options for leather upholstery.

The driver’s seat offers ample adjustment to get the perfect driving posture and is made for all-day comfort. Passengers in the second and third rows will appreciate the available captain’s chairs, which offer a luxurious feel and easy access to the rear.

3. Safety and Equipment

kia carnival left

The KIA Carnival has six airbags and ABS with EBD and features like a tyre pressure monitoring system, ESC, and rollover mitigation increase safety while driving.

However, features like traction control and hill start aids come in handy while escaping difficult circumstances. In terms of convenience and comfort, it gets a dual sunroof, three-zone climate control, auto headlamps,

an eight-speaker Harmon Kardon music system, push-button start-stop, and front and rear parking with a rear-view camera. The convenience includes a smart air purifier, a smart-powered tailgate, wireless charging, and twin 10.1-inch rear-seat entertainment screens.

4. Engine, performance, and braking

kia carnival

The Kia Carnival has a single powertrain option: a 2.2-litre, four-cylinder, diesel engine producing 197 horsepower, mated to an eight-speed torque converter automatic transmission. Low-end torque is plentiful,

and the car’s linear power distribution and well-managed turbo lag facilitate leisurely cruising at modest city speeds. The majority of the 440 Nm of torque is accessible in the midrange when driving on a highway,

enabling the MPV to reach speeds of 120 kmph while maintaining engine speeds of under 2000 rpm. Because of this, the MPV was able to complete the 0-100 kmph sprint in 10.80 seconds, which is remarkable for a 2240 kg MPV.

It completed the roll-on acceleration test at 20–80 kmph in 6.01 seconds and the kick-down test at 40–100 kmph in 8.02 seconds.

The brakes don’t bite very hard, but they do a good job of bringing the MPV to a stop from 100 kmph in 2.9 seconds, despite only covering 41.06 metres.

5. Ride and Handling

kia carnival back

In terms of ride quality, the Carnival provides a smooth, cosy, low-speed experience. You will notice a slight jiggle as the road gets worse.

The soft suspension easily absorbs bumps and sharp-edged potholes. Additionally, the ride tends to become neutral at higher speeds. But section joints and lengthy stretches of undulating highways disturb the suspension,

causing the vertical pitching. Having said that, you must exercise extra caution when parking in a small space or even when swerving through traffic because of the Carnival’s large dimensions.

Once more, the steering feels heavy at low speeds and becomes excessively light as you accelerate, which unnerves you and takes you off guard.

6. Price and Fuel Economy

kia carnival

The Carnival achieved an average fuel efficiency of 11.01 mpl in our real-world test, with 9.2 mpl in the city and 12.82 mpl on the highway. These numbers are appropriate for an MPV weighing more than 2.2 tons.

Regarding pricing, the Premium eight-seater retails for Rs. 25.15 lakh, while the Premium seven-seater costs Rs. 24.95 lakh. For the seven- and nine-seater versions,

the Prestige trims cost Rs 28.95 lakh and Rs 29.95 lakh, respectively. The top-spec limousine version we rode in costs Rs 33.95 lakh at retail (all figures are ex-showroom India).

7. Specification

Fuel type: diesel
Drive Train FWD
Engine: 2199 cc
Power and torque: 197 bhp and 440 Nm
Acceleration: 12.32 seconds

8. Variants

kia carnival

KIA Carnival has seven variants, namely Premium 7 STR, Prestige 9 STR, Prestige 6 STR, Prestige 7 STR, Limousine 7 STR, Limousine Plus 7 STR, and Premium 8 STR.

Premium 7 STR: It is the top model in the Carnival, and the price of this model is Rs 25.48 lakh. It is offered in three colours: steel silver, aurora black pearl, and glacier white earl. It will be available in automatic (TC) transmission in 2023.

Prestige 9 STR: The price of this model is Rs 29.95 lakh. It is available in automatic transmission and offered in three colours, namely steel silver, Aurora black pearl, and glacier white pearl.

Prestige 6 STR: The price of this model is Rs 29. 99 lakh. It is available in automatic transmission with 8 gears and manual override. It has a speed-sensing door lock, a child safety lock, and central locking.

Prestige 7 STR: The price of this model is Rs 30.97 lakh. The safety features include an emergency brake light flashing, six airbags, child seat anchor points, and seat belt warning

Limousine 7 STR: The price of this model is Rs 33.49 lakh. It has five doors, and the seating capacity of this car is seven people. fuel tank capacity is 60 litres.

Limousine Plus 7 STR: The price of this model is Rs 35.48 lakh. It has a mileage of 13.9 km/h. It is available in automatic transmission and is offered in three colors:Β  steel silver, Aurora black pearl, and glacier white pearl.

Premium 8 STR: It has safety features consisting of 2 airbags, a rear middle headrest, child seat anchor points, and a seat belt warning. The seating capacity of this car is 8 people, and the fuel tank capacity is 60 litres.

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