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Driving is a part of our life we love the most and to keep it that way all we need is to ensure our Road Safety. Cars and Good music with the best people you love on a long drive is something everyone does to escape from all the stress, daily routines and to add fun to our life and also this never-ending loop of home to work and back from work to home. It’s something we don’t enjoy and still follow. We are here with some of the road safety measures to follow on road. You might be following a few traffic rules on road and now you will  know more road safety measures, if I could just add some more to it, it will be a win-win for all of us.

Common Mistake Everyone does on Road


Let’s Talk About Road Safety Measure in Broad

  1. The First thing to DO:- When you get in your car, make sure you Adjust your driving seat accordingly as per your convince Front and Back or Up and Down. Feel free to make yourself comfortable, it’s your car and you don’t want to drive in such a way you don’t get the proper view or feel. Then comes our side Mirrors for safety measures, it’s a good habit to check all your mirrors while you drive to get a better understanding of people and vehicles on your left and right as well as at your back. So make sure to adjust them when you start your Journey for a safe drive. Mirrors helps you in driving in a safe manner and make full use of them to ensure the safety of yourself and everyone on road.
  2. Never Drink and Drive:- It’s a Punishable Crime to Drink and Drive which violates the traffic rules and endangers your life . I can give you so many reasons for it to be considered that way. It shows that you are not a responsible person. You don’t ensure your safety as well as other people on road. Neither are you a good Driver if you do that. When drunk you would definitely speed up, unnecessary overtaking will happen for sure and you will get easily offended if someone overtakes you and many more reasons. If you drink and drive you are not following road safety and traffic rules and that’s not safe for you and the other people on the roads.
  3. Always wear Seat Belts:- When you sit in a car the first thing we should do is to put the seat belt on, traffic rule number One. Saving lives is the ultimate goal in ensuring safety in any aspect you know whether it is Road Safety or something else that’s why we have traffic rules. There are many studies tells that more than 60% of life death situations in a road accident were prevented just by the use of Seat Belts.
  4. Over Speeding on Road is Dangerous:- Here and there everyone does this please don’t disagree because that’s the reason we love Sports Cars so much. You can’t control car at high speed. Please make it clear that you are not driving a racing Car and it’s not a Race Track. Even the Safest Car in the world can’t be driven like they drive on the race track, there is always lots of traffic and a lot of other things that make it different to drive on a simple road. In India, we drive like Crazy, not just a few people but most of us Considering that we should keep our speed in check and our Car in Control.
  5. Never use Smart phone while Driving:- According to my Mother everything bad that happens to me is because of my phone, Well Mom you are partially right in this case, I promise I will stop my car if I have to use my Phone or I will not use my smart phone while driving. Some silly mistakes should not be done to avoid breaking traffic rules and accidents.
  6. Focus:- While driving if you focus on one thing that is the worst mistake that a driver can do, Weather it is something on the road that you focus on for more than 2-3 Seconds or it’s your phone that’s keeping you engaged. There is SIRI and GOOGLE ASSISTANT which will do whatever you ask them to do. They can make a call, text someone, Play Pause Music, Stay updated with the technology Sir, We spend a lot of money just to upgrade or cell phones. Thank you!
  7. Road Signs:- It is very important to know and to be aware of all the road signs, Traffic rules make it mandatory to know all road signs. For road safety it is compulsory to learn all road signs, such as if it a school area you should always slow down your speed.
  8. Watch Road Safety tutorials:- We are often engaged in our phone, sometimes we should make good use of it too. You should see videos related to road safety to have a better idea of how to tackle the accidental situation. Know more about traffic rules for which you can google it or follow our YouTube channel. We will help you to know more about traffic rules and road safety measures.
  9. Have a Proper Grip on Steering Wheel:- Imagine your Steering Wheel like a Clock. Put your hands at 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock position. I will tell you why. See both your hands are on steering if you do that and you can control your car in the most efficient way if you do that. Both your hands are engaged so you won’t feel one hand more tired and if you do that for a long time you then there can be mild pain in your hand to avoid that use both hands. At 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock, you will feel a bit relaxing position of your hands best for long Drives.
  10. Don’t Driving if you feel Tired:- Sometimes we are tired already before we start to drive if it can be avoided please avoid such situations it’s not safe at all. But it’s less likely to be tired when you drive as most of the cars are made in such a way to maximize our comfort level. You should take little breaks when you go on long drives, Music will always keep you energetic so play some good music to keep you going.
  11. Your Tires are all Pumped Up:- Power steering sometimes covers up low tire pressure, Well make sure your tires are all in good condition and there is the right amount of air in it, not too much and not less. Tires keep you Running make sure you keep them in a good condition and safe travel. A little tip, When you go on a long drive and stop after some time does check all your tries are okay just a peak sneak toward them is okay. Wheel alignment is very important for a smooth drive.
  12. Your Car is all ready to Go:- Always keep the thing you love in good condition, Make sure to go for periodic services. On-time service of your car will is a must to ensure your safety and unnecessary car breakdowns. Vehicle Care is a very important and useful step. Visit VehicleCare to ensure your car health.

You Are Never Alone on Road VehicleCare is with You

When we travel traffic never stops. There are hundreds of cars around us in front of us, at back, left, and right. All we think about is to maintain a specific distance from everyone to ensure our safety and to avoid any unnecessary damage to our car and also for our safety. Staying Active and less included in the non-driving activity.

Everyone Around you is a FOOL

I know one thing if you are reading this you are the best Driver out there, no one can Drive better than you. If you just stick to this you are already conscious about your car, and everyone in the Car. To ensure everyone’s safety you need to consider that the other person Doesn’t know how to drive so it’s your responsibility to stay ensure your safety. We don’t know what he might do next, in that case, we should keep our distance and keep our focus on everything happening on the road.


You should always drive with a cool mind, avoid breaking traffic rules, follow all traffic rules and help to create Roads safer for everyone. Road safety is in our own hands so we should help to prevent any mishappening.

These are the points that we should follow to make sure we are a little bit Safer.

Many more coming soon!

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