7 Tips For Buying A New Car For Beginners- Check Detail

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Everybody’s dream is to buying a new car. People frequently connect emotionally with the cars they buy. There will be a lot of questions you have when you do decide to buy a car.

What kind of car to purchase, what model and brand, petrol or diesel, manual or automatic, and so forth. Therefore, let’s do a needs analysis for everything you need to decide before you choose which car to buy

1. Budget

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First, we advise you to figure out how much you can afford to spend on a car. After all, the only thing that could stand in your way of buying your ideal car is money.

In order to entice buyers, all automakers in India typically offer an ex-showroom price for their vehicles. It is important to remember that the RTO and insurance are the two main factors influencing prices.

Furthermore, some businesses charge handling fees. The car is far more expensive than it was advertised to be because of all of these factors combined.

2. Is this your first car?

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Buying a car is a major choice because it is an ongoing investment that needs to be kept in good working order. Now, if this is your first car, you will need to make a decision regarding how long you want to stick with it.

In general, a car should be upgraded within three to five years, but in the Indian context, we still consider keeping the car for at least six years.

Another thing to consider is whether you’ve improved your driving to the point where you can drive a new, powerful car. If not, you should purchase a used car first to improve your skills before upgrading to a new car.

3. Purpose and usage


Two important questions need to be addressed before you start looking into the car type you want to buy. What is the usage of the car, and why is it being purchased?

  • Be clear about the reason for the purchase of the new car. Is it for lengthy drives or regular city commutes?
  • Ascertain how many people you anticipate traveling with you so that you can select a car with the number of seats that best suits your needs.

The usage is the next query that needs to be addressed after the purpose is apparent. Where will you be operating the car?

Is it off-road, on city roads, or on highways? What you use will determine which option you choose. For instance, a hatchback would be a wise choice if you plan to drive on crowded city roads.

4. Research

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The next crucial step in choosing your dream car is research, which you should do once you’ve decided which features you want.

Look for cars that meet your needs among different brands. If you’re in the market for an SUV, seek out reputable manufacturers of vehicles in that class.

Find about five or six possible options on the internet. Consider the features that every car does not have in addition to what it does.

To make the process easier, list the advantages and disadvantages of each model. Remember to read through online user reviews before buying a car.

They may serve as helpful gauges of whether the car lives up to expectations.

Take your time doing this research section. Give yourself plenty of time to comprehend the cars’ complexities.

5. Calculate the car’s total on-road cost

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Once your research is finished, you will be better able to determine how much money you need to buy a car that suits your needs.

The majority of websites provide a vehicle’s on-road price. An extensive list of expenses is included in this price, which includes:

  • Road tax payment for life
  • insurance requirements
  • state registration fees and
  • Dealer handling fees.

This does not, however, accurately represent the vehicle’s true cost. It is also necessary to factor in extra costs, such as upkeep.

More expensive, high-end cars require more maintenance. It is essential that you make your decision based on your ability to pay.

Spending too much on a car can drain your savings because of its upkeep. Rather, choose a car that you can continue to afford for at least five to ten years after you buy it.

6. Look for Any Available Offers and Discounts During Festivals or Exclusive Sales


Purchasers may obtain alluring discounts on automobiles during specific company-sponsored festivals and promotional events.

Once you’ve narrowed down your options for the car, find out if there are any price breaks available. If the dealer won’t give you information about these discounts, you can look them up online instead.

Diwali is the busiest time of year for discounts and offers on different car models from most companies in India. Taking advantage of deals and discounts is one of the best strategies for buying a new car and can occasionally result in appealing price reductions.

7. Finalise the car purchase

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The final step is to finalize the sale if you have located the ideal vehicle and sale price. It is possible to purchase from a dealer in two ways

  • At the dealership, finish the paperwork. After that, you’ll drive your new car home. Most people are familiar with this.
  • Ask to have the car and documents delivered to your residence or place of business. Your car, the bill of sale, the title, and the final loan terms,
  • if applicable, will be brought by a salesperson and an assistant. After examining the car, you will sign the documents if everything appears to be in order.

The salesperson should go over all of the car’s primary features with you after the sale. This includes assisting with phone connections and infotainment system app setup. You can also schedule a time for the next week or two to receive a more thorough walk-through.

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