Privacy Policy

Founded in 2018 by a group of highly motivated individuals with rich experience in the automotive industry, Vehicle Care is a multi-brand car service platform registered at 505, palm court, sector 14, Gurugram. VehicleCare deeply respects the online privacy of its customers and duly recognises the need for everyone to know how and when their data is being used. We at VehicleCare believe in providing complete transparency both in our services and in the manner by which we collect and utilize data. This privacy policy elucidates that the Information collected by our company in the form of email address, name, phone number, etc will be used in accordance with the privacy policy stated hereby.

Forms In Which Your Information Is Collected
A user can browse our platforms anonymously to view the content on all car-related services, However, while actually booking a service registering on the website will require the user to provide his/her contact and car information.

Registration Information
We collect the following information for signing you on our prime membership service to allow you to use our promo codes avail the discounts we offer:

1. Name
2. Contact details
3. Current location or residential address

We collect information about the buyer’s behaviour to serve even better in the future. We also collect other users' comments in our feedback area.

A "cookie" is a tiny piece of information that resides on your web browser so it can be later read back from it. Like every other online platform, VehicleCare also uses cookies to track the site’s operation but no personal Information is collected in this procedure.

We Make Sure Your Data Is Not Misused
VehicleCare respects the privacy of online users and understands the importance of privacy in this day and age. We have strict rules in place for the management of user data and we protect you against any alteration or misuse of your data.