Why VehicleCare x Nippon Paint?

Nippon Paint is the oldest paint company from Japan and Asia’s No. 1 paint and coating manufacturing with over 140 years of expertise. Working in India for past 10 years with OEM partners and with a strong aftermarket presence, Nippon Paint ensures perfect color matching using digital color solutions. Our products reduce repair process time and provide unmatched value for your repair job.

Working together with VehicleCare, we assure our customers a great finish and 6 months warranty on paint work.

VehicleCare Workshops are trained by Nippon Paint to ensure OEM Standard Quality of Paint.

100% Paint Match Guaranteed with Spectrometer

Express Delivery with

Get Same Day Delivery with Velocity Paint System

The Velocity Repair Solution has been an innovation that is a step ahead of competitors with a groundbreaking, ultra-fast, total paint system. This unique paint system not only helps increase productivity and efficiency but also helps in reducing time and cost. Our line of fast repair products is world-class and the fastest complete refinishing paint system in the world.

nax Velocity Line offers the ideal solution for the quick repair process and is recommended for adoption in all high traffic body shops, where the focus is on efficiency and productivity.

Singular dents can be repaired within 100 minutes & multiple small dent repairs are performed within 150 minutes, even without the need for IR lamps or other forced drying techniques.

Denting And Painting Services Offered In Lucknow Details

Our expert mechanics follow a detailed procedure for assessing and repairing dents including accurately matching the paintwork. We analyze the type of damage and metal malleability with precision to employ the ideal method for dent repair. The dents, dings, or creases located are corrected with specialized equipment and paint corrections are performed only by seasoned technicians. Along with the best dent removal technique our mechanics are able to apply years of experience, helping you save both time and money.

A full body or panel restoration begins with a detailed inspection of metal positions, the intensity of damage, and the areas of paint chips, followed by preparation of the panel and dent removal using cutting-edge equipment. Then, the panel undergoes washing, baking, sanding, and drying to correct any irregularities and projections. Finally, the denting and painting process is completed with electrodip, clear coating, and waxing to bring out the true showroom finish.

Choose your right fit denting and painting service: Even a slight scuff of the paint can make your new car look old. Restore your car’s new look from the comfort of your home-

Per Panel Dent Removal: Get rid of dents and scratches from any part of your car.

Front - Bumper and bonnet damages undone

Rear - Boot and rear bumper damages removal

Sides - Scratch removal from fenders, running boards, doors, and quarter panels.

Per Panel Painting: Restoring the former shine with matching paint.

Front - Bumper and bonnet paint, rubbing and polishing with premium Nippon paint.

Rear - Boot and rear bumper paint, rubbing and polishing with premium Nippon paint.

Sides - Fenders, running boards, doors, and quarter panels paint, rubbing and polishing with premium Nippon paint.

Full Body Denting and Painting - Complete restoration with detailed 4 layers of paint.

About denting and painting services:

Door dings, striped paintwork, body scratches, and all car damages are unavoidable and equally annoying. It is highly uncertain, when and how the road will throw a curveball at your car, but don’t let the scratches compromise the look of your car. We realize how dear you hold your car and the importance of dent-free, glossy paintwork which is why we offer a wide range of denting and painting services to cover your car from all sorts of damages from hail dents, weather damage, door dings to fender benders, and side collisions.

Frequently Asked Question

I have doubts about Color Match

You don’t need to worry about a paint match! VehicleCare uses a Spectrometer powered by Nippon Paint (Digital Tool to Match the Colour) that ensures the highest accuracy color matching on any car that goes for a touch-up/repair.

Will I get my car the same day?

Using nax Velocity Paint System powered by Nippon Paints, if the damage is up to 3 panels, it can be repaired within a few hours & can be delivered the same day.

Which paint will be used on my car?

VehicleCare has an exclusive Partnership with Nippon Paints, the oldest paint company from Japan and Asia’s No.1 paint & coating manufacturing with over 140 years of expertise. Working in India for the past 10 years with OEM partners. VehicleCare only uses Nippon’s 1st quality OEM standard paint.

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