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About Periodic Car Services

Car service is imperative to maintaining a well functioning and long lasting engine. It works together with the general care that you take of your car but includes some of the more essential items that are necessary for your vehicle to have. Car servicing makes sure the car is always in proper running condition by taking care of the general wear and tear, the car is inevitable to accrue with strain of driving.

Why Should You Get Your Car Serviced Periodically?

Improved Performance
The best way to maintain engine performance in a car is by timely and regular car service. Car serving helps in enhancing the smooth operations of the engine and aid in the long term drivability of the vehicle. Maintaining a vehicle keeps it running up to scratch and conversely a badly maintained vehicle will deliver poor performance with each ensuing month.

Better Gas Mileage
A well maintained vehicle that has steady performance will continue to put out better gas mileage as opposed to one with an unsteady service history. Car service helps to reduce stress from the engine components to make them more efficient and freer to operate.

Prevent Wear On Internal Components
Being a big mechanical object that works on fuel operated rapidly rotating parts, an engine is subject to substantial wear from closely meshing parts once its service is due. Servicing car in a timely manner helps to keep things in order for the engine and prevent any significant damage to the internals of the engine.

Why Choose VehicleCare For Car Service In Ghaziabad

Choosing the best car service center in Ghaziabad can be difficult given the high prices and unreliable repairs of the numerous obscure workshops. With VehicleCare you can be assured of only quality car workshops in Ghaziabad. From workshops that come under our name, you can expect to follow a detailed quality procedure with assurity check to deliver your vehicle in the best condition.

genuine spare parts

Genuine Parts

Top-notch quality with OEM/OES spares only.


24x7 assistance and live status updates.
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Services delivered through bespoke solutions.
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Honest Pricing

Best quote in the industry for your car service.

Best Prices - No Hidden Costs

At Vehiclecare, car services pay only the actual costs. We do not charge anything above the service cost and provide a clear and transparent receipt for all that you’ve been charged for.

Reliability - Same Day Delivery
We aim to provide the best and most reliable car services available in Ghaziabad. You can always count on us to deliver higher quality and faster service. Be it basic, standard or comprehensive, we promise to bring your car to you the same day.

Convenience - No Hassles
Auto repairs in Ghaziabad can be a loop of never ending hassles at ordinary car service centers. We, at VehicleCare aim to eliminate all such car servicing troubles in Ghaziabad and make your experience smooth and convenient. Customers at workshops can avail services like free pick and drop, same day delivery, genuine spares and more.

Genuine Spares - Guaranteed
All spares and products used at our workshops in Ghaziabad are quality assured and up to speck with our standards throughout the network.

Stay Assured - 1 Month Warranty
We offer an unconditional warranty of 1 month/1000 km on every car serviced in Ghaziabad with. Drive with assurity. .

Personalize Your Experience

Get access to a comprehensive range of best in class car services. Customize for the perfect service experience with the help of our expert mechanics. Choose your right fit service from engine oil replace, interior cleaning, coolant top-up, wheel alignment and much more.

What Is Included In Car Service In Ghaziabad

Here are all the checkpoints for car repairing in Ghaziabad

Run Engine Diagnostics
Our 40 point inspection helps you steer clear of unwanted repair and make your vehicle future proof for any damages.

Replace/flush the engine fluids: Oil, Brake Fluid, Power Steering fluid, Windshield Washer Fluid, Transmission Fluid, Antifreeze, Coolant, etc All automotive fluids are flushed or topped after inspection with the right and top quality product.

Replace filters: Air Filter, Oil Filter, Fuel Filter
Installing new filters is essential to maintain a clean flow of air and fuel into the combustion chamber.

Tire Balancing and Rotation
As a free add-on, wheel alignment and balancing is offered on every vehicle serviced in Ghaziabad along with free tire pressure check.

Check and/or change brake pads
Brake pads are a crucial part of the braking system and must be serviced or replaced at specified intervals.

Check HVAC system: Vents, air conditioning and heating, etc
Other systems such as the electricals and air conditioning are checked through specialized equipment.

Car wash
After the car servicing is completed, the vehicle is given an exterior wash for a shiny finish.

service in 4 easy steps

Select Your Car

Choose from our portfolio of cars.

Free Pick-Up & Drop

Get free pick up & drop on all booked services.

Live Tracking

Get real-time updates on your car's location and status.

30 Days Warranty

Stay assured. Get 30 days warranty on all car services.

Our Happy Customers

Amazing service provider VC I must recommend same quality which other famous brands provides but in less price they even don’t try to make your bill high which other service provider do by saying some parts need to change every product which needs to be replaced new packing is removed infront of u before putting it in ur car genuine products used. 😊👍

Vinay Kaushik

When ever I have visited the service center, I was treated like a family.I would give them 10 /10, for customer satisfaction, they explain every single detail. Keep you informed every time. I get calls every time I need to get my car serviced. Recommendable

Harkesh Singh

My car had some electrical issue, the service executive came at my place to examine the car and I was very surprised when the price quoted by him was much lesser than the estimate given by Honda service station. I am very happy with the work done on my car, thank you Vehiclecare.

Shravan Kumar

Frequently Asked Question

We use only genuine spares sourced from OEM/OES across all our workshops in Ghaziabad. Further, al products used in car service in Ghaziabad are authentic and top-rated.
We have more than 30 car workshops in Ghaziabad offering all the aforementioned services.
You can easily book a car service in Ghaziabad through our app/website. Just enter your car details, select service, and confirm the booking to schedule service on your preferred date & time. You can also call or WhatsApp us on - 9911020209 to get real-time reporting and close experience.
Yes, you get an unconditional 1000kms/1month network warranty on car repairs and services redeemable anywhere in Ghaziabad. No questions asked!

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