Types of wheels for your Car 2020

Wheels are the most basic and important part of any automobile on road. The wheels in a car, truck, bus, or any other vehicle is responsible for ensuring that you keep stability and a grip on the road. When driving, these are usually the last thing you might be thinking about, but they are the most essential part of any vehicle. So let us explore the Types of wheels for your Car that can be installed and their characteristics?


Steel wheel rims are the cheapest and the most durable options available for cars. Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon and is quite a hard metal. However, these rims are quite heavier than their alloys counterparts, weighing five times the weight of aluminum, the primary metal in alloy wheels. This disadvantage of these wheels has made these rims to be replaced by alloy wheels in today’s time.


An Aluminum or magnesium construction if mixed with Nickel, provides a much lighter package. So they make an Alloy wheel when compared with a steel wheel of the same strength. It is a combination of various metal types, with the primary metal being Aluminum alloy ring. It has always been reserved for the uppermost models within a manufacturer’s range a decade ago. It is a lightweight construction that helps in acceleration and the overall dynamics of a car.


Chrome wheels are an applied finish over your choice of wheel and not an applied material. These wheel rims are used for show cars and sports cars for a fancy or a designer finish. Chrome rims add nothing to increase the car’s performance but give the wheels the shinier finish. Chrome wheels can scratch easily, so using them in sunny and dry weather, and have a back-up set of rims for snow and rain is better.


Color rims make more eye-catching, and a colored finish can be added or applied to make the rims spin and fancy. Colors such as white, black, and red are basically used to match the wheels to the car’s coloring. Spinning wheels will spin while the car is moving and quite for a short period once the vehicle is stopped.

With so many other different types of wheels available, various sets of rims can be specced to your every need. What car comes with your favorite wheels as standard? Which was your favorite? Comment below with your thought below. 

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