Reasons Why Your Car AC Is Not Cooling Like It Used To

car ac not orking when idling

A malfunctioning air conditioner in the middle of a scorching hot day can literally make the inside of your car feel like an oven. A sudden malfunction can be due to many different reasons but most commonly, it can be a result of bad service history. 

Like your car, your AC also needs to be serviced periodically to maintain its healthy functioning. It has about the same service interval as a car but people often choose to skip it, not knowing what goes in a periodic car AC service. The air conditioning system in a modern vehicle has various different components that work together to provide the cool air we can’t live without in the months of summer. So if your car AC is not working correctly and is not blowing cold air as it used to here are some of the possible reasons that could be causing it – 

Low Refrigerant – 

One of the most common reasons for car AC not cooling enough is low levels of refrigerant in the system. Typically, the AC loses roughly around 10% of its total freon level, but this can be made worse significantly if the system has other problems lying under the rack such as a leak or condenser issues. A refrigerant leak is perhaps the most common reason for ac blowing hot air as it is what mainly produces the cooling effect. Leaks usually develop at the connecting hoses carrying the refrigerant. These can run from the AC to the back of the vehicle where you can look to see for puddles of such liquid. If you could find the chapped hose where the leak is coming from, you could try and fix it with a sealant though it is recommended to get a replacement so it doesn’t happen again soon after. 

Mold Build – Up – 

Another possible reason for your car AC not blowing cold air could be the presence of festering bacteria inside your AC cabin. This type of issue usually comes about in the months of monsoon when the weather is a bit damp and moisture is easy to make its way inside the cabin. Mold and bacteria can easily spoil the ambience of your cabin with foul smells and health hazards but they can be even more detrimental to the health of your AC system. Mould buildup can affect many different components in the AC and consequently bring hefty repair bills.   

Bad AC Clutch Cycling Switch –

The clutch cycling switch is a vital component in the Air conditioning system of a vehicle. It is responsible for monitoring and maintaining a predefined pressure of freon in the system. It is located on the low pressure side of the AC from where it monitors the flow of refrigerant. In case the pressure of refrigerant falls below the threshold limit, the clutch cycling switch compensates for the pressure loss by turning the high pressure side of the system. For optimum cooling performance from the AC, there needs to be a consistent level of freon circulation in the levels. If the cycling switch fails to equalize the low and high pressure, the AC may not function as normal and fail to blow cold air. 

Clogged Cabin Air Filter –

Just like the regular air filter that cleans the air entering into the engine, the cabin air filter catches dirt and dust particles from getting inside the air conditioning system and helps in flow of healthy cool air.  However being a part that helps clean out the AC operations for normal functioning, the cabin air filter requires replacement at regular intervals. It can accrue dirt overtime and sometimes even catch larger debris that may act as a blockage. A clogged cabin air filter can lead to decreased air flow and decreased cooling performance. 

Electrical Problems –

Being an electrically run component, the AC is quite commonly swayed by problems with wiring, fuses, power and more. The car AC is powered by the alternator when it is not drawing current from the battery and consumes a significant amount of power. Any type of hindrance in the power supply can reduce the cooling performance  of the car AC.  

Electrical problems on their own can be particularly hard to put a finger on as they generally affect the whole system and cannot be probed without specialized equipment. Issues such as bad wiring, blown fuses or low output can also be one reason why your car AC is not blowing cold air. 

Blocked Condenser – 

A bad or blocked condenser is another top reason for car AC not blowing cold air as it is responsible for condensing and processing the freon from gaseous to liquid form. It converts the refrigerant to its cooled form so that it could function as the cooling agent in the air condition system. When the condenser is not doing its, you will most likely feel room temperature air coming from the vents.

Bad Compressor –

Refrigerant is the blood of the cooling system, when it is in its liquid state. It is constantly being compressed into gaseous form then turned to liquid. This cycle is maintained by the compressor which converts the refrigerant so it could be released with pressure.  If the refrigerant is not being compressed properly, it will not be able to circulate and provide optimum cooling. 

Affordable Car AC Repair In India 

Wondering what your next step should be? No one wants to deal in costly repairs and unwarranted DIY replacements but a timely service of your car AC is without a doubt the most important thing, if you want it to function right at all times. 

If you’re noticing decreased cooling performance from the AC, it could be due to a number of different reasons. With VehicleCare’s super cooling AC service, you will be able to take care of all of those issues all at one stop.  Choose the first ever reward based car service platform and earn while you take care of your vehicle

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