Mean Metal Motors Introduces Azani – India’s First Electric Hypercar

Just in the past few years, many new names in the automotive world, sprung up launching their versions of an electric Hypercar. And so, it was about time that India had one too. 

Mean Metal Motors has unveiled its first-ever electric Hypercar called The Azani and it’s a little bit like if the Tesla Roadster had a baby with the Lotus Evija. This Indian hypercar combines the imposing looks of the Evija with the nimble aerodynamics of the roadster. Interestingly, the prototype is also shown in the exact same color configuration as the Tesla roadster. Apart from its mean and aggressively incredible looks, Azani has a pretty impressive spec sheet too. The Azani can produce a whopping 1000 brake horsepower combined with some 900 nm of torque that is claimed to be capable enough to give competition to its western rivals – It can supposedly do naught to 60 time of under 2 sec – breaking the 2-second barrier – that’s a feat in and of itself.

About MMM

Mean Metal Motors was founded in 2014 by a group of four 19-year-olds with the ambition to bring affordability and advancement to the Indian EV market. Their ambitions and team have since grown to a solid 22 and successfully produced India’s first very own Electric Hypercar.

The company has revealed the first prototype though currently is heavily invested in developing the product further. Various areas of research, design, and technology still need to be worked on making this all the more exciting. Areas such as the rear end and interior are yet to be seen and could be revealed soon by the company.

The EV start-up is currently also in the works of pre-raise and VC and looks to have onboarded  Pavan Ongole, Ex-Director Soft Bank, Managing Partner Airi Capital & Venture Partner MFV Partners has as an investor and advisor to the company.

Exterior Design 

The Azani is a mean metal mid-engined monster that looks like a typical hypercar. With a menacing front design, wider and pointier haunches, and vents improving the aerodynamics, it gives all the feels of an exclusive exotic car. And though it is highly exclusive for now it isn’t exotic. It also has large alloy wheels with a quite unique and interesting design that dovetails well with its low-slung design. In terms of the interior, the car is not yet revealed which would mean it’s still in the developmental phase. 

Release Date And Pricing In India

Tesla’s arrival in India might be hanging in the balance with unfavorable import policies that aren’t going to change anytime soon but the aspirations of the Bengaluru start-up MMM do provide firm hopes for a worthy alternative. The first prototype of the Azani is expected to launch sometime early next year and the one thing that separates the mean metal hypercar from its Tesla and other contemporaries is its aggressive pricing. The azani will be priced at around 90 lakh rupees when it comes out which is not a price you would expect to pay for any hypercar. The CEO of MMM, Mr. Sarthak Paul expressed his ambitions with the EV industry by stating that the brand has a vision to completely change the entire EV market and how people approach it, especially in India.

Speaking on the subject of electric vehicles in India and plans for MMM, CEO Mr. Sarthak Paul said  – “Since the auto industry is being given a big EV push, it is time that Mean Metal Motors shows its prowess. The current backdrop of switching over to electric vehicles in the country seems far away given the lack of infrastructure, though from a company perspective we feel that full electrification is just a couple of years away. Our sole purpose is just not to develop an electric supercar but to create an eco-system that helps increase electrification at a faster rate. India is way far behind in its production methods when compared to the west and we are here to change that”.

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Dorson Joseph

Team VC Digital | Automotive Enthusiast |

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