best tips to Maintain Car mileage

Maintaining Car mileage- Tips to Maintain Car mileage

Maintaining Car mileage or fuel efficiency is efficient if you want to keep your car in good shape. So here we are listing 5 important tips to Maintaining Car mileage or fuel efficiency so that you can save precious fuel every day easily:

Keep the Tyres Pressure

Driving with an optimal tyre pressure makes a huge difference when it comes to improving a car’s mileage. Make sure that the tyres are properly inflated at the manufacturer’s recommended level and you’ll be good to go. Reducing the tyre pressure means an increased contact area between the tyre and the road, and hence a less mileage. 

Keep it smooth

Possibly the most effective way to save gas is to be as smooth as possible with the car’s controls. Rough speedy acceleration or even the sudden brakes might be more fun, but they harm your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. A trick is to treat the accelerator and the brake pedals with respect and then drive. Your accelerator inputs will automatically be a lot much smoother. 

Turn off the AC when you can

Trips with AC on will inevitably consume more fuel than one without the AC. This is because your car consumes extra fuel each time you crank the AC on. So try turning it off when the weather is bearable or if you can whenever. Combine as many trips as possible to keep the fuel or mileage efficiency high. As a bonus, you’ll also be saving on fuel as well.

Go with Clean or don’t go at all

Avoid or don’t drive your car with a dirty or clogged filter, like if the air filter or the oil filter becomes dirty, get them cleaned or replace first before driving. It will be money well spent since you will be saving your precious fuel every day and improving the mileage as well.

Consolidate and Plan the trips

Five short trips will inevitably consume more fuel than three that are slightly longer. How many times do you set out with your family for some shopping and end up doing the circles? These will decrease the car’s efficiency and ill decrease the car’s mileage as well. Plan and combine as many trips as possible to keep fuel efficiency high. 

These were some of the best tips to Maintain Car mileage or fuel-efficiency. Comment down your thoughts below. 

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