get your car AC to cool better

How to get your car AC to cool better?

Car AC is one of the most useful inventions ever done in the automotive industry without which we can’t imagine our lives. We will be talking about the tips, tricks, and various hacks that will answer your query “How to get your car AC to cool better?” Some of you may think that it’s difficult, but it is not so! So let’s get started!

Park your car in a shade 

Don’t let your car get extremely hot by parking it in direct sunlight. With the temperature rising in various cities, it’s important for you to park your car in some shade to protect it from the heat. You might think it to be quite obvious, but we often forget to do it. Parking under a shed or a tree is a good idea. 

Clear out the hot air from the cabin

Cars get hot whether you park it in a shade or in direct sunlight. Whenever you get into a hot car, you should remove the hot air from the cabin by opening the windows of the car. You can try to run the AC with an outside ventilation system as well. This is the best method you can use to get your car AC to cool better. Switch back to the recirculation mode after the hot air is released and the car is cooler.  

Don’t drive hurriedly

The Car AC unit and the engine itself are inversely attached. For adequate and efficient cooling, driving gently and smoothly without straining the engine is the best. The AC compressor does not get enough energy to pressurize the system by driving fast. Yes, the air will keep flowing at the same rate but it will be hotter. 

Try cooling when actually driving

Your car AC works a lot better when you’re driving. g. Setting it to the lowest temp and using the car air conditioning while driving is more efficient. The faster the engine turns, the faster the A/C compressor runs. It will cool the system more effectively.


The vents and other AC vents will remain to function this way Make sure you use your car’s AC for about 10-15 minutes every week even if it’s not required. This way you will keep your car’s AC juvenile for a long time!

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