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A No Objection Certificate, or NOC, is a legal document that allows a vehicle to be freed from its present jurisdiction authority. The Regional Transport Office (RTO) where the vehicle was first registered issues NOCs. A NOC assures that a vehicle’s registration is free of its original jurisdiction and can be registered at any RTO in the country. The NOC also serves as confirmation of payment of all debts, including taxes, Challans, and other responsibilities.

When moving from one state to another, obtaining a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the RTO is a vital step that many vehicle owners ignore. Of course, if you don’t plan to stay in the new place for long, you won’t need this paperwork, but if you do, you’ll need to transfer your vehicle’s registration from one state to another. In general, if you want to operate your car in a new state or union territory for less than three months, you do not need to transfer the vehicle’s registration to the new RTO.

If you plan to move to a new state or UT for more than a year, the law requires you to update the vehicle’s registration to the new RTO. While many states do not strictly enforce this law, it is beneficial to observe it to avoid additional headaches when filing insurance claims, etc. A key item to remember is that you must receive a NOC from the original RTO before applying for registration in a new state.

A No Objection Certificate (NOC) is a legal document issued by the previous RTO that permits the vehicle to be re-registered at the new transport office. It should be mentioned that submitting NOC is required while filing for car re-registration. The NOC certifies that the vehicle’s owner is not obliged to pay any challans or other fees.

Importance of Obtaining a NOC

The NOC is a required document that must be filed to the RTO if you wish to sell your car or if you move within or outside of the state. The NOC certifies that you owe no obligations to the agencies and that you have paid all relevant fees and penalties or, in the case of a bank loan, repaid the loan. The following are some of the reasons why you should get a NOC for your car:

  • To sell your vehicle
  • To get your car out of the bank’s hypothecation.
  • Because the NOC is required whether you want to transfer the car to another state or you want to sell it, you must follow the Motor Vehicles Act.

Who Should Apply for a NOC?

A vehicle owner who is intending to shift their RTO from one state to another must apply for a NOC since the objective of it is to allow them to change their registered jurisdiction authority.

Know that in order to sell a vehicle from one state to another, the seller must first obtain a NOC. It will be given to its buyer for submission in the new state’s RTO once it has been obtained.

The application initiation is different in the case of a vehicle owner’s death and the legal successor residing in the jurisdiction of an RTO other than the RTO of the vehicle’s registration. The legal heir must apply for NOC at the courthouse.

How to get NOC for a bike?

To obtain your NOC certificate, you need to follow the instructions outlined below:

  • You (the bike owner) must personally visit the local RTO to initiate the NOC procedure.
  • You must request Form CMV 28, which you must complete. You’ll be asked for basic information like your name, address, phone number, vehicle registration number, and driver’s license number, among other things.
  • The completed form, as well as the papers listed on the form, should be sent. Along with the application form, you must also pay a nominal cost of Rs. 100.
  • Following receipt of your application, the RTO contacts the local police to determine whether your vehicle has been engaged in any traffic offenses or criminal cases.
  • The RTO obtains clearance and issues your NOC if there are no outstanding dues or Department Statutory Action (DSA) cases pending against your bike.

How to get NOC for a bike online?

RTO NOC and BANK NOC have different procedures for applying for a NOC for your bike online. In both circumstances, follow the steps below to apply for a NOC for your two-wheeler online:

Bank NOC for bike

  • Go to the bank’s website and request a bike NOC.
  • Go to your account page and download the bike bank NOC.

If you are unable to download the certificate online, you will need to visit a bank location.

RTO NOC for bike

To acquire the NOC, you must submit the application form online. To complete the procedure, you must go to the appropriate RTO and complete the application. The steps to apply for an RTO NOC for a two-wheeler online are as follows:

  • Go to the Vahan Citizen Services website of the government.
  • Choose the appropriate state and RTO.
  • Select ‘Log on to Avail Services’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Select ‘Application for No Objection Certificate’ from the new page.
  • Enter your bike’s registration number as well as the chassis number’s last five digits.
  • Select ‘Validate Registration Number/Chassis Number’ from the drop-down menu.
  • You will receive your application form. Verify that all of the information is valid.
  • Fill out the application form with the details of your bike insurance.
  • Click Save after entering the new RTO’s State Code.
  • Pay the application fees and print off the fee receipt.
  • Take your NOC, fee receipt, and accompanying documentation to the appropriate RTO to have your request processed.

How to get NOC from RTO online?

While not all Indian states have made online NOCs available, many do through the Parivahan portal of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways’ website. If your state allows for online NOC applications, follow these steps:

  • Visit the Parivahan portal of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways’ website.
  • Select “Vehicle Related Services” from the “Online Services” menu.
  • Choose the state in which you want to re-register your vehicle.
  • Fill out the RTO form for your jurisdiction.
  • Select “Application for No Objection Certificate” on the following page.
  • Enter the vehicle registration number as well as the chassis number (Last 5 characters).
  • “Verify Details” should be selected.
  • Check all of the information and then fill in the blanks.
  • Please upload all requested documents.
  • Pay the applicable NOC application fees.
  • Save and print the application form and receipt once the payment is complete.
  • When you visit the RTO in person, provide the application form as well as the receipt.

How to get NOC for a car?

The following steps needs to be followed in order to get NOC for a car:

  • A vehicle’s owner must go to the RTO where it was first registered in person to start the NOC application.
  • To apply for a NOC, fill out Form 28 as directed in Chapter IV Section 48 of the Motor Vehicles Act 1988.
  • Pay the required costs to receive your vehicle’s NOC. Rule 81 of the CMV (Central Motor Vehicle) Rules 1989 specifies the fees that apply to NOC processing.
  • Pay any outstanding taxes on your car to ensure that your NOC application is processed quickly.
  • After you’ve applied, the RTO will check to see if you owe any other state taxes or fees. It will also verify police reports to authenticate a vehicle’s ownership and involvement in any unlawful or anti-social activity.
  • If no such issue exists, the RTO issues a clearance, culminating in the approval of the NOC.

The RTO NOC procedure is now complete, and you may expect the certificate to be issued within three working days.

Things to consider while getting a car NOC

Before asking for a NOC for your car with your bank or the RTO, keep the following items in mind for a smooth process:

  • Make sure your car’s registration certificate and insurance policy copy are attested.
  • Ascertain that the road tax is fully paid.
  • Enter accurate information while creating a new RTO.
  • Make sure you include all supporting documentation.
  • Make a copy of the fee receipt for the online NOC application from Vahan Citizen Services.

Documents Required to get NOC for a car

The following documents must be submitted with the application form or Form 28 to receive a NOC from the RTO where the vehicle is registered:

  • A copy of the vehicle’s registration certificate that has been attested (RC)
  • A copy of the automobile insurance policy that has been attested
  • Tax payments are received on time.
  • A printout of the chassis number as well as the engine number.
  • A current Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate is required.
  • Signature identification of the vehicle owner
  • Photo identification and proof of address for the owner

For a seamless verification procedure and clearance to receive a NOC, keep these documents accessible when applying for a NOC with your RTO.

Validity of NOC

NOCs are only valid for 6 months after they are issued. When moving a car from one state to another, be sure to re-register the vehicle with your new jurisdictional RTO within this time frame if you have gotten the certificate.

The same is true when a vehicle is sold and the buyer must register it with a new RTO in another state within six months. If the requirements are not met, the certificate’s validity expires, and the process to obtain a NOC for a vehicle must be restarted from the beginning.

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