Checklist before driving Car after this Lockdown

Storing of the car after the Lockdown has been a difficult job You leave your car unused for a long period and has happened with most of us. But as the unlock process started, you just can’t take it with you immediately, only to later find it necessary to have the car serviced. It’s not only dangerous to drive your car immediately without proper checking. Here are some tips to drive your car safely after this lockdown:

1. Check the Handbrake 

Engaging immediately with the handbrake over an extended period can result in the brake pads getting stuck to the discs. Needless to say, if this happens, you’ll be in some trouble while driving the car. The smarter thing will be to check it first to keep it from rolling and leave the car in first gear.

2. Sanitize your Car

If possible, try sanitizing your whole car by machines. It’ll be a lot safer and cleaner. If you don’t have this option, invest in a quality sanitizer. Also, avoid using any local sanitizer as this might be harmful for the car’s paint. 

3. Clean the interiors of the car

It’s obvious as well. Amid this Covid condition, prevention is the best policy. This might be stating the obvious, yet we’re going to tell you anyway. Coronavirus might enter through any small area in your car and might infect someone. So, clean the interior thoroughly and spray a little sanitizer there as well. 

4. Check the fuel tank properly

One of the significant problems by leaving the car unused is that it can rust on the inside of the fuel tank by this. The best way to avoid this is to basically fill the car to the brim with good quality petrol by adding some fuel additives. This will keep away the rust entering the tank and will prevent corrosion of the fuel tank. 

5. Check the tires properly

If you leave your car stationary for long periods, it will develop flat spots on them. Consider checking the tires properly before leaving or going out with your car after this lockdown rest. 

6. Change leftover or previous oil and filters

Changing the engine oil and air filters which contain moisture, metal filings, sludge, and other corrosive elements is good for your car’s health. It’s best to put in the fresh engine oil and new filters before leaving your home after this lockdown. However, Do drive the car for a few kilometers first so that the fresh oil can be circulated inside the engine.

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