Car Insurance Claim FAQs

What is Car Insurance Claim?

Car Insurance Claim is a process where the insured candidate asks for the car insurance to compensate for the damages that are sustained by his car. Also, the insured is responsible for any unintentional damages caused to a third-party by accident or by any intention. After a check, the claim can be approved by the company.

What is Car claim reimbursement?

In Car claim reimbursement, the insured person has to pay for the repairs of the damage itself. In this type of Car insurance claim, the insured does not need to get his car repaired at the car garages of the insurance provider. Depending upon the terms and conditions of the insurance policy, a reimbursement claim is made. Then the insured person needs to submit the bills and repair receipts to reimburse.

What is Cashless Claim?

During the cashless claim against the car insurance policy, you don’t have to pay the repair costs. You just have to pay the deductible amount and the rest amount is paid by the insurer. You must take your car to the network garage for repairs.

What are the documents required to claim the insurance?

  • Document required are as follows:
  • Claim form signed by the candidate
  • Copy of driving license
  • Original FIR copy in case of theft
  • RC of the vehicle with the original keys
  • Photocopy of PAN card, driving license, and registration certificates of the insured

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