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5 Quarantine Car Maintenance tips to try

People are driving their cars a lot less due to stay-at-home policy. While it’s saving a lot of your bucks on money, it’s not that good for your Car. Cars are made to get driven. Letting your car parked in the garage for an extended period will hamper its performance. 

Here are 5 Quarantine Car Maintenance tips you can follow to keep your car performing at its peak even during this lockdown:

1. Keep Your Car Maintained

Remember to keep a check at your Car’s oil, tires, and gas and change them at a regular interval. Change the oil frequently to make the engine run smoother. Consider checking your car’s brakes and tires too while you’re at it so that they don’t degrade. Inspect them monthly to keep the performance good. 

2. Keep Your Car Clean

Keeping your Car clean from germs and debris is not just for saying! You can also use a car cover to protect your car from various external elements. Getting or cleaning sand and salt from the undercarriage of your car is extremely essential to keep the underside of your vehicle free from external harmful substances. 

3. Bring the Tires to Focus

Driving with worn-out Tire is never safe. Tires lose pressure over time if not driven regularly, like in quarantine. Such tires or wheels can’t securely grip the road properly. Filling the tires slightly above the regular PSI and parking your tires on wood can decrease the air pressure from tires and might be beneficial. It’s the best Quarantine Car Maintenance tips you can follow to keep your car running.

4. Drive Your Car Out There

Your cars are there to get driven! If automobiles are left to sit for a few weeks and months. Do not let your car park for an extended sitting period or can result in problems later on. To combat ill effects, it’s recommended to take your car out for at least a 10–minute or 5-mile drive a couple of times. This will lubricate and will move parts that need agitation to stay in good shape, and will also keep your battery charged!

5. Maintain your Car on a regular basis

Even though most people are driving less these days, the Car still needs maintenance. Setting up a preventive maintenance schedule is the key to go. Regularly maintaining your Car by regularly changing your tires and engine oil keeps your car performance top-notch. 

Keep your car maintained in this quarantine. But if this involves going out for any service, make sure to practice social distancing. These were the best 5 Quarantine Car Maintenance tips you can follow to keep your car safe. Happy Driving!

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